nothing,nowhere Talks New Music and Answers Fans’ Burning Questions

The result of isolation, pain and raw talent, nothing, nowhere is Joe Mulherin’s emotions laid bare in music for the world to hear. Since the Massachusetts native started uploading music to Soundcloud as nothing, nowhere in 2015, he began growing an impressive online following that heaved him out of anonymity and into the magazines, resulting in the twenty-something being picked up by Pete Wentz and label Fueled By Ramen in 2018. 2020 sees N,N at the forefront of the alternative music scene, leading the resurgance of emo-inspired music that flirts with various genres.

Johno Ramsay caught up with N,N as he prepares for a worldwide tour that brings him back to the UK and Europe in September!

We’ve had your latest single ‘nightmare’ on repeat since it was dropped! It struck me as one of the most ‘pop’ tracks you’ve ever released; is that sound something you’ll be looking to explore more in the near future and how would you describe the track?

Thanks! nightmare was inspired by 80s new wave and synth wave. I don’t know if I’ll be exploring that sound more, as it stands right now each of my unreleased songs is essentially a different genre. I just like to keep switching it up without sticking to one sound, it keeps me inspired. 

You recently collaborated with the legendary Travis Barker on the Bloodlust EP, how did that project come about?

Travis and I somehow run in similar circles, I was out in LA and heard he wanted to get in the studio so of course we made it happen. Before I knew it we just kept meeting up at the studio and we had so many songs we just said screw it let’s put these on an EP. Really grateful that we have musicians like Travis, he’s a real dude and truly cares about music. 

Did working with Travis, someone that comes with bags of experience in both pop punk and hip-hop, influence your sound or the way you approached the recording process?

I think any time you collaborate with someone it’s always going to be a mix of their sound and yours. As far as the process goes however, it wasn’t any different than recording by myself. Just a super low key low pressure vibe, and he has a rad studio at his house so it was just like hanging with a friend. 

In the past you’ve discussed how challenging being on the road can be – what helps gets you through those low periods?

The people. Sometimes you can get homesick, burnt out, sick etc… but it always puts a smile on my face when I get to meet people who listen to my music, or I get to see their faces singing along while I’m on stage. 

Your one take videos are a big hit with fans and I’ve got to ask the question that always fills the comment section – would you ever consider compiling those tracks into some sort of album?

Maybe some day, I do like the idea of them living in youtube for now. Who knows! 

Credit: Fox Beach

Speaking of fans, we reached out to your Facebook fan group (nothing,nowhere skullyposting) for any questions they’d like to ask you and we picked the best below…

‘What has been the hardest song for you to write and why?’

Probably dread. 2018 was the hardest year of my life and that song is recapping it and reliving it. I’m proud of making it out though and now looking back when I listen to that song it makes me feel stronger. 

‘Your music has helped me get through some of the roughest parts of my life. How does it feel knowing you’ve had such an impact on people’s lives?’

It makes me happy to know that I’ve helped others. That’s what being human is all about. I’ll never take it for granted.

Credit: Fox Beach

‘Would you consider revisiting never,forever and giving those tracks a commercial release?’

Not sure, those songs are so many years old and I’m not the same person who wrote them. I probably wouldn’t re-record them but maybe I’ll put them on streaming services. 

‘What inspires your affinity with Vermont? Do you miss Foxborough?’

Nature and isolation above all. It’s a different world. People leave you alone but also look out for you, there’s no bullshit and there’s no billboards. I’ve been visiting Vermont every weekend/summer for my whole life and knew I would end up here full time at some point. I’ll always miss my hometown of Foxborough. I had a great childhood and I miss the skatepark and my friends and the innocence of being a kid. Most nights I still dream about those days. 

‘Who are some of your favourite hardcore bands?’

Code Orange, Never Ending Game, Have heart, Year of the Knife, Vein, Sanction, The Carrier, Inclination, Foundation, Jesus Piece, Harms Way…to name a few.

‘Are you working on any new music right now?’
Every day 🙂

Interview: Johno Ramsay

Credit: Fox Beach