Track of the Week: "Forgetter" – Sullii

Sullii has been on my radar since seeing him support nothing,nowhere back in 2018, he captured the crowd’s imagination in Manchester that night with his melancholic lo-fi sound that flirts with emo and hip-hop to create something best described as almost ‘Anti-Pop’. A melodic vocal delivery and infectious hooks contrasted with highly emotive lyricism and darkly atmospheric beats is Sullii’s MO.

Brought up in South-West England, Sullii’s latest single “Forgetter” marks another chapter in the audiovisual odyssey that’s shaping up to be his forthcoming album ‘Me and My Absent Mind’ – due to be released Friday 10th April. The video sees Sullii, real name Joshua Rodgers, surrounded by four walls of satisfying millennial nostalgia that’ll make you mourn your childhood. Blink 182 posters, Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater on the PS1 and the Pokemon movie on VHS, Sullii takes you back whilst poetically reminiscing about a broken relationship. We’re not crying, you are.

Words: Johno Ramsay // Photo: Edd Taylor