Track of the Week: “wasting you” – wrongtvrn ft. Scapegoat Avarice

wrongtvrn is the new side project of Ben Taylor, better known as KV$HNOODLE. “I’ve had this other project as an idea for around a year and actually the first proper beats I made were for wrongtvrn,” Ben told RIDE.

“It started with the vibe rather than the idea to put out music and I want to keep that vibe concrete throughout. I feel like kv$h is more of an experiment and wrongtvrn is closer to home and follows my more truer influences from when I first really started to get into music on my own.”

This debut single, with fellow North Eastern up and comer Scapegoat Avarice, makes this new direction clear. “wasting you” pairs a mellow trap beat with melodic, drawn-out vocals to create an atmospheric piece of melancholic bliss. wrongtvrn’s debut EP is set to drop this early April.