EP Review: wrongtvrn – ‘love is a drug, i am an addict’

wrongtvrn is the new side project of Ben Taylor AKA KV$HNOODLE. wrongtvrn sees Ben turn away from rap and towards his ‘truer’ influences, resulting in an impressive EP of auto-crooning over slow emo-trap. Slices of melodic melancholy that are hard to pigeon-hole and easy to enjoy.

‘love is a drug, i am an addict’ is five tracks long, each one filled with character. With wrongtvrn Ben hasn’t been afraid to try new things and toy with the norm production-wise. I described the sound as ‘emo-trap’ but it’s not really as simple as that, Ben’s willingness to alter his voice in various ways gives the project a very forward thinking, futuristic feel. To simply label it ‘emo-trap’ or ‘emo rap’ would be a disservice, but the project without doubt is heavily emo influenced in vocal delivery, lyricism and sample choices. Could this more electronic sound be the next ‘phase’ of emo after it’s resurgence through acts like Lil Peep and Juice WRLD?

When I say emo I don’t mean it’s all doom and gloom, “luc (k) y” despite being one of the most personal tracks on the project is also the most upbeat – it’s happy in the same way that The Cure is happy… a kind of happy sad. ‘How did I get so lucky!’ the chorus hits like a shot of serotonin straight to the brain. As the title of the project suggests, the subject matter of this EP is largely love and this is the most like a straight up ‘love song’ of the lot. The creeping sadness and self doubts comes in the soft ‘I know I can be awful sometimes’ refrain, bringing that inner-self destruction to the forefront drags you from a high back down to earth for a second before the tune uplifts you again with gusto.

Another highlight is the only song that has a feature, “wasting you” with a fellow North Eastern purveyor of sad-pop Scapegoat Avarice. Scapegoat seems the perfect choice for this song, his pop-punk-esque vocal style is a similar enough vibe to compliment Ben’s vocals with enough variation to grab your attention. Whenever these two come together on a track it’s guaranteed to be a prime cut, and this track is no different.  

“look into my eyes, look into my mind” is a personal favourite of mine. Not only because of the guitar sample that sounds enough like Hawthorne Heights’ “Ohio For Is For Lovers” to get my noughties emo senses tingling, but because of the sheer energy that Ben attacks the vocals with. The song grabs you from the off and won’t let go, Ben’s pleading, almost shouting, vocals left imprinted in your head.

This EP is an exciting full-bodied taster of what’s to come with wrongtvrn. The project lets Ben Taylor explore the music that made him, whilst letting us into his world of melancholic, fiercely emotive and occasionally uplifting anti-pop.  4/5

Johno Ramsay