Meet Recourse, Florida’s ‘Underdog Rockstar’ | New Blood

Introducing the ridiculously underrated Recourse, a self-written 18 year old rapper and creator of dreamy hip-hop poetry. The Florida-based soloist is currently rising in every sense of the word, having entered the industry just two years ago.

With debut album ‘Underdog Rockstar’ dropping on Spotify in 2019, alongside nearly 40k SoundCloud listens racked up on one of my personal favourites of his, ‘to no one it concerns’, it’s fair to say that he definitely deserves far more recognition.

We managed to grab a chilled-out chat with him during these bizarre times to discuss all things music, in the first of our New Blood features spotlighting upcoming underground artists.

Your recent single, ‘Losing It’, is brilliant – really emotional. Would you say that this lockdown has boosted your musical creativity?

This lockdown hasn’t really changed anything for me except not having to go to school, which helps my mental health because I’ve been in my room most of the time by myself before any of this – so not really.

What first got you into the world of making music?

Ever since I was young, listening to music was one of the things I enjoyed more than others. It would always help me, hearing other people put into words the emotions I felt and truly feeling the emotion in the sounds. I started writing when I was fourteen, so I figured since I was decent at that I may as well put my own thoughts into my own music to help me express myself – it’s also something I genuinely get joy out of. Building a platform from that to help others is one of my main goals.

Who are some of your main influences?

I have a lot of influences. I listened to a lot of old school East Coast hip-hop growing up, as well as rock, so that’s kinda where I get inspiration for my sound. I didn’t actually start making music until 2018. 

How would you describe the tracks that you usually create?

I don’t know because most of them are different and it depends on how I’m feeling at the time; they’re either melancholic or intense? I normally leave that up to the listener to decide because I don’t like to label things – putting them in a box – since everyone feels a different emotion when they listen to something.

What are your top five albums of all time?

Decemberunderground by AFI, Nutshell by Alice In Chains, Open To Closure by Jaxxon D Silva, I Love You by The Neighbourhood and Graduation by Kanye West. A few other ones I love are Concept Vague by Night Lovell, Blank Face by Schoolboy Q and Love Story by Yelawolf. 

How do you feel the Internet has changed the music industry in recent years?

I feel like it makes it way more convenient for artists to find listeners and get their name around, so I’m grateful that I can use it to my advantage. Social media is like a tool for artists.

Finally, who is your dream collab?

Kid Cudi. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for Recourse this year!

Summer Frost