This week’s playlist update is filled with sick tracks! Check out the new additions and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify! Featuring: Wstdyth, Pezzhead, Misogi, Wolf Light and more of the best underground talent. Cover: ALI3NHEAD   #EARSTOTHEUNDERGROUND

Wstdyth – “Wake Me”

A dreamy auto-croon bop from Wstdyth, we can’t wait for more!

MISOGI – “Falseawakening”

Like your emo trap with a side of electronica? MISOGI has you covered.


Londoner ALI3NHEAD is making moves in the UK Underground scene, this moody hit is just one side of this dynamic artist.

Wolf Light – “Phantom / There Is Nobody Left (Owen Gray Remix”

“Owen and I are currently working on a new 4 track EP which we are aiming to release in the next couple of months. We are both experimenting with expanding our respective sounds and the first track that is in the works has a really strong, cold, alternative hip-hop vibe. Obviously we are unable to get together in person at the moment so we are sending files back and forth. We’ve been talking about collaborating for months and so it’s really exciting to finally be working on stuff together.” – Wolf Light


Shimmering and stoned, this is a lowkey trap anthem from The Khan!

PEZZHEAD – “You Won’t Be Happy Until You Do What Scares You

London trap-metal front runner PEZZHEAD has turned the rage up to f**cking 11 on his latest project, this is one of our favourite aggression filled cuts.

gothurted – “Rockstar Freestyle”

gothurted is out here making it look easy, this freestyle could easily be a lead single.

nothing,nowhere. – “Pretend” (Live)

nothing,nowhere blew our minds last week with his incredible live stream set, check the full show above or skip to the end to hear new unreleased song ‘Pretend’ – you won’t regret it.