Track of the Week: “Lonely Lullaby” – Vaboh x SoLonely

Having already racked up 20 million+ streams on Spotify, it’s clear Washington D.C based emo trapper Vaboh has something special. This latest single sees him team up with enigmatic Swedish artist SoLonely to create an infectious slice of melancholy pop that’s sure to be one of their biggest hits yet. The pair compliment each other on “Lonely Lullaby” with their soft melodic vocals, riding the guitar-led beat with finesse. The earworm chorus is what really makes this song repeat-button worthy – “I got new tattoos on my wrist and you got a new boyfriend he a bitch and I don’t like it when you hurt me like you used to hurt them other boys //  Even if everyone around me told me leave I knew I had no other choice.”