Our first ever ‘NO BARRIER’ playlist update features some of the best new metal tracks from the UK and the world that’ll make you want to open a f**king pit in your living room. Prepare to get heavy, welcome to ElsewheRe – RIDE’s new brand for all things heavy. #ElsewheRe

The Five Hundred – “Black Dogs”

The Five Hundred are the latest in technical, melodic metal from the hard streets of Nottingham. Down-tuned riffs, earworm hooks and bone shattering breakdowns are the name of the game. These guys are ones to watch out for this year.

Groom Lake – “Unearthed”

Alchemising heavy riffs and crushing breakdowns, Groom Lake are the UK boys trying to redefine metalcore. “Unearthed” is their hardest hitting single yet.

DEATH WHORE – “I’m Into Murders”

With a name like Death Whore you know you’re in for something heavy. This hardcore death metal band from France are turning heads with their brand new disgustingly heavy EP that’s perfect for tearing apart pits. We can’t wait to hear more from this lot.

Tales of Dhvaras – “Full Speed or Nothing”

When it comes to metal no one does it quite like the Norwegians. Tales of Dhvaras are a modern take on the punchy, dark, atmospheric metal their country is known for. This is the most melodic black metal has ever been.