Track of the Week: “NTRVRT” – KIBA

KIBA singer/rapper Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle’s KIBA is back with his second single “NTRVRT”, a melodic slice of emo-trap that really showcases his vocal ability. With a strong background in trap-metal and all things heavy, check out HØLLØW VØIĐ – KATANA for reference, KIBA has really shown his diversity over these first two solo singles. “NTRVRT” is dreamy take on emo-trap, featuring minimalist guitar jangles and well timed hi-hats. KIBA manages to bring an air of maturity to the genre, both in songwriting and production.

KIBA has hit the ball out of the park with his first two solo efforts, really coming into his own when given total creative freedom. It’s emo-trap done with extra finesse and maturity, slick enough for radio yet dark enough to soundtrack an introspective walk in the rain.

Words: Johno Ramsay // Image: BRI.FOCALS