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pausetheplaylist. BLACK LIVES MATTER

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in memory of George Floyd and the countless others that have died as a result of racism, rather than posting our usual Friday playlist update, today we’ve ‘paused the playlist’ so that we can listen to the opinions of up and coming black musicians. We reached out to a number of underground artists that we’ve featured in the past and asked them for their views on the BLM movement and racism in general. As a media outlet that primarily focuses on music of black origin, we felt it only necessary that our platform amplifies the voice of these artists and spread awareness as much as possible. That is the very least we can do.

Before reading on, please follow the links below to join us in supporting the BLM movement and the fight against racism by signing petitions or donating whatever you can.

The Justice For George Floyd petition, Black Lives Matter donation page, Minnesota Freedom Fund, George Floyd Memorial Fund

Click here for a comprehensive spreadsheet of petitions, donation links, education and resources

Simba Shore on Racism

“It is NOT black vs white. It is all of us vs racism.” – Simba Shore

“Black Lives Matter is such an important movement because all over the world black people are treated the worst and its nice to see people from all different colours, countries, creeds etc coming together to fight the injustice. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to fully eradicate racism cause its roots are so deeply planted into human nature, but we can really make a big change with this movement, I’m sure a couple racists pigs will think twice about lynching another black man. Plus this movement has made me feel, as a black person, really appreciated – just seeing all the support we’re getting all over the world is beautiful.” – Deijuvhs

“It can be hard to see how we can make a change, and it’s easy to give up hope, especially when problems seem insurmountable, but even if they’re small, we can all take steps towards making a change. What’s important right now, is that we speak up where we can and educate those around us that will listen, place as much pressure as we can muster upon the shoulders of those with power, only then do we truly stand in solidarity with those at the forefront of all of this. Remember that history will not look favourably upon those who sat silent in the face of this collective anger.” – John Dole

“I see no light at the end of the tunnel personally but my only glimmer of hope is knowing as a worldwide culture, black people have the most heart and perseverance but we need to go for the higher powers that be. In 2017 I was protesting for black African refugees bought, sold and murdered in Libya, fast forward to 2020 I’m still protesting theirs no change in the world in sight once this blows over black people will continue to be seen as lesser. If you wanna support you got to be willing to fight the fight. I don’t wanna be next as a black male but I’m willing to die for my rights.

Sadly it takes powerful social media apps to put pressure on people to stand up for a basic human right that everyone should be entitled to, without cameras or phones no one would support this cause right now. They dismantle black progress constantly. People need to realise the world is against us not just specific governments or brands it’s everyone and everywhere.” – Lingani

“It’s important to remember that this isn’t a trend. These issues have been going on for as long as anyone alive now can remember and black lives matter as much now as they always have. In two weeks a lot of people will stop caring but YOU need to keep signing petitions, educating yourself, and being anti racist or change won’t last.” – Kay Greyson

NE-O on Black Lives Matter

“Recently I’ve realised a lot of people who I’m surrounded by have become less ignorant to the injustices that black people and other minorities face sometimes on a day to day basis. I believe this is largely due to the Black Lives Matter movement, and I feel like this is the start of something huge.” – NE-O

“Racists have evidently used their own white privilege as a systematic tool to be racist for years, hate spawned from fear, whilst sugar cigar coating their racism with a financial status that gives them access to perceptions of integrity, authority and credibility in what they say. While promoting total disregard for another humans existence to the point of murder. Because of the colour of their skin, imposing labels, that black people carried with them to this day, engraved in their identity being victimised and judged before anything else but human. Only to have organisations like BLM (who are trying to change the system) pulled down and opposed by “All Lives Matter” is stifling. Victimised and judged before anything, always. Something that white privilege unfortunately doesn’t have to experience. Educate yourself and those around you. Change the system. Break the cycle.” – J SMXRK

RobRez on Racism and Black Lives Matter

“Can’t bully someone forever and expect them not to fight back. It’s time for a change.” – RobRez

Sagaboi on Racism and Black Lives Matter

“The endgame here is to divide and conquer. If you look back in history, the USA has never been coy about their psychological warfare tactics. Look back to the Compton Riots of the 90’s. Before that, Manson and Malcolm land in the 60’s. Incitement by the media, working towards a social uprising (aka civil war) equates to a legal justification of murder and incarceration because of ‘no smoke without fire’. The thing is, the fire has been ignited by the same people for generations. This is not ‘white people’ as a whole, but certain white people who sit in seats of authority and omnipotent power who have been pulling the strings for centuries. When you read up on American history, especially declassified materials, it’s clear to see that this divisive rhetoric is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact of life. No one is blaming you for being white. In the same way that I am a man, and I do not hold myself personally responsible for the patriarchal tone of the world around us. I just happen to physically identify with the power that is. Unity and calculated thought is the only hope I can see. All easily said from across the ocean, in my position of privilege.

I also think that this has been consciously and almost intentionally amplified in line with the conditions of the wider world at the current moment. This is not the first time an act of despicable brutality has been carried out, not even the first this year. For me, as a millennial of mixed ethnicity, it is clear to see how information and events  are manipulated and weaponised toward a greater goal. I myself class myself as White as I am Black, but I am certain wider society does not feel the same.

And this alone shows to me that the way things are told or spun, is not always the truth, or what’s ‘good’. And social media/the internet is controlled and directed in the same way that the things we see on television are. There has never been a greater need for critical thinking on an individual level. And for me, as I grow older, I realise that this is being open to the fact that you yourself may not hold all right answers or have all the right morals. I am always always always open to listen and learn from others’ experiences, because I know that the world is not only as I see it from my own eyes.

These are my own thoughts, and I do not think that my own thoughts are any better or any more righteous than anyone else’s.” – Sagaboi