Track of the Week: “Lava” – ZHEANI

Zheani Australian rapper/singer

The opener to oddball Australian artist Zheani’s new 10-track EP, “Lava” is a twinkly trap banger that provides a soft introduction to this beautifully chaotic post-genre project.

‘The Zheani Sparkles EP’ is a wall to wall fuck you to genre constraints. Zheani raps, screams and sings her way through this roller-coaster project; the only thing each track has in common is her unashamedly Aussie accent, blunt lyricism and immaculate production. Our highlights are of course the sparkly 808’s of “Lava”, the dirty trap metal, almost Cradle of Filth-like screams and raw lyricism of “Dirtbike”“this ain’t a story c**t, this is my real life” – and the emotional pop vocals of “I Won’t Sell My Soul”.