Track of the Week: “Satans Son” – Hangsaint

Hangsaint rapper

Storming our Instagram poll, underground enigma Hangsaint grabbed the ‘Track of the Week’ spot with this atmospheric cut from his latest EP ‘Sinners Image’. “Satans Son” is a creepy dark trap meets horrorcore track that’ll haunt your dreams. Filled with demonic and macabre imagery, in a short but effective 1 minute 44, Hangsaint delivers deep, otherworldly vocals that sound more like he’s putting a curse on you than rapping. These ritualistic mumbles are broken up by bursts of aggression and bass thumps that feel like jump-scares in this sonic horror movie.

Hangsaint is definitely for the more extreme trap fans, he’s got something different… keep an eye on this one.

FFO: Ghostemane, $UICIDEBOY$, Scarlxrd