Track of the Week: “Rebel” – Jasiah

Jasiah rapper

One of the fastest rising artists the underground has produced in the last few years, Jasiah is back with another face-punching track to fuel anti-racism protests in memory of the late George Floyd. “I can’t breathe” opens the track, a phrase George Floyd repeated numerous times before dying at the hands of Minnesota police. You can feel Jasiah’s rage through-out this track, as he screams “put your middle fingers up to the world – fuck the feds, free my motherfucking brothers…”.

This is the epitome of a modern protest song, it captures the feelings of anger and defiance that are shared during each and every BLM demonstration that’s happened around the world these past few months. It’s time for change. Jasiah isn’t about to stay silent, he’s played his part in the only way he knows how – and it’s fucking fire.