Fiercely Independent and Ready to Takeover, Meet London’s Scotty Overdose | New Blood

A lynch-pin in London’s bubbling underground scene, Scotty Overdose makes hard hitting music that sees guttural screams go side-by-side with head spinning flows. Scotty’s new album ‘PUNKBOY DRACULA, VOL 2‘ is on the horizon, due to be dropped July 17th.

We spoke to Scotty from lockdown to find out more about his beginnings in music, what his sound is all about and what to expect from the new album…

First off tell us who you are and where you come from?

I’m a Musician / Producer / Vocalist up London living ’round Enfield area, It’s heavily one sided here it’s where a lot of popular drill music was born – got me feeling like the only alternative kid out here haha!

How would you describe your sound? 

I gotta say my music really has developed into it’s own thing, I have such a varied taste in all genres and all I do is mash them all up into what sounds good in my head, every idea that pops into my head I note down. I’m constantly taking notes – I have the ear for this shit.

What inspires you to make music?

Staying grounded is the biggest key for me, struggling with mental health is my biggest downfall – I gotta stay productive, I’m a visual learner so anything from documentaries / movies to music videos & art is what keeps me driven because I always take something from it. The energy you put in always retrieves and that applies to all aspects of life, I’m a heavy spiritual minded thinker so I kick out any negative energy thrown my way. Everyone in my circle is on it. Watching my idols on stage or in general is my biggest motivator for sure, I look up to artists & bands like “soon I’ll be in that same spot and won’t have a chance to perform at these underground intimate venues no more so I will cherish every moment I get while I’m still small”.

How did you first get into making music? 

I formed a band summer 2018; that exact moment I knew I was going to be making music for the rest of my life. Loving the culture, the experiences, the vibes, the thrill… It’s all I got in life and I really live it – this is my life. Unfortunately we didn’t get far at all and was more like a hobby so I split and we all went our own ways. I was the most driven in the band so I decided to start this Scotty Overdose solo idea. ‘Till this day I’ve been doing it all myself, I’m self-taught in everything I do. Last year was my first year experimenting as Scotty Overdose, I was a little lost, very rushed and unorganised. Throughout all of 2019 I struggled with depersonalisation and ended up very ill towards the end of the year. New Years Eve was truly my awakening and ever since I’ve been on a streak of constant progression, I can officially say I’m truly an independent artist now.

Tell us about your latest release

The whole story behind “God Eater”, a collab with the great Shoshin Noel, I was drawn into what he was doing, his style and his inspiring story. All started off with me asking around for show opportunities. He put me onto one of his fundraiser gigs all the way up in Newcastle and we had an absolute blast performing that song. That was my first ever ‘out of town’ experience performing and will forever have a special place in my heart.

How have you been dealing with this pandemic? 

I’ve been extremely well, no matter how fucked up this situation is I’m living the best time of my life, really utilising it to my advantage staying home and using this time to refresh and manifest. Without this I would be stuck in the same cycle of depression and no progress. I never had a job anyway so it’s not so different. I guess it’s just typical for creatives to enjoy this time. Of course it’s locked off all my events I had planned but they’ve been rescheduled for August onward so it’s worked out in my favour perfectly

Are you releasing any more music in the near future? 

Linking in with the previous question YES! I have a whole movement designed. Brand new album self produced – ‘PUNKBOY DRACULA, VOLUME 2’ is coming this July and I’ve never been more excited. As I said I’m utilising this time in order to prep for the release, music videos, visualisers, interviews, shows (possible tour?), promo, new band members, new concepts… You name it I’m doing the absolute most for this album because it’s 100% authentically me and I put my life into this. PD2 will be the official start of my career I believe.

Finally, why should people listen to your music? 

I have two sides to my music: the heavy reckless ‘fuck you’ type vibe which I class as my iconic signature style which people love & then more slowed, powerful & meaningful songs that really have a true meaning, all real stories, real events translated into my relatable sad songs. This is what keeps my people so loyal and strong because we all go through it, I’m just here to provide you with an experience. You never know who’s in that crowd when you perform, you really could be saving someones life. I make more than just music. I move people, I talk to my crowds I unite with my fans and no matter what we’re all the same. I’m aiming to make my raw sound and aesthetic mainstream one day. Give the people a reason to fuck with me and a reason for my existence.

Johno Ramsay