“My genre varies depending on my mood” | Emo Fruits Interview

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Meet Emo Fruits, the ever-rising 26-year-old rapper from Phoenix, Arizona. The genre-bending artist started out on SoundCloud in 2017, his entire discography packed full of underrated bangers such as ‘numb with u‘ and ‘pretty coke nose’ featuring SpaceMan Zack, alongside six solo albums which all seem to carry a unique emotional edge. His 2019 collaboration with Pink Cig, ‘Angeldust’, has gathered a staggering 8.4 million plays on Spotify which provided both musicians with some well-deserved exposure – yet it’s still evident that the talent of Emo Fruits is far too overlooked for my liking. 

We decided to grab a chat with the man himself and quiz him on what truly inspires his music.  

Starting off with the basic but classic question, what first inspired you to start creating and producing music?

So I’ve always loved music since I was very young, and I grew up more in the Internet era of music where I would see and hear that these artists were getting known from making music in their own rooms and stuff. So I would see that and think, “man, if they can do it, why couldn’t I?”… I got myself a little set-up, recorded myself for the first time, and I just fell in love with creating something of my own that I could call art. 

Have any changes been made to your creativity during life in quarantine?

I don’t think my creative process has been too affected by this quarantine. I’ve always been kind of a homebody before this anyway, so my schedule hasn’t really changed too much.

Who are your major musical influences, and why?

My biggest musical influences are Pink Cig, Corbin, Yung Lean, Lil Peep and Lil Uzi Vert. Corbin, Lean, Peep and Uzi are some of the first SoundCloud artists that introduced me into the style of music I make now. They expressed themselves to a level where I felt I could become just as vulnerable (as them) in my music. Not only did I feel like they showcased those emotions, but they added a sense of comfort when I would listen and that shit felt like it saved me so many times. Also, Pink Cig has become one of my closest friends and his inspiration to me went way beyond music. His work ethic and his general way of going about life is very inspiring to me. 

Out of all of your songs, do you have a particular favourite? If so, would you be able to pin down why it’s the fave?

That’s such a tough question – I like a lot of my newer stuff. But the song that stands out to me the most is ‘I Don’t Want Money Just Peace w/ Pink Cig’. That song was made when I was in a very dark place and it still resonates with me so much to this day. Whether I’m in a good mood or a bad mood, I can listen to that song and I can just feel this comfort from it… like it was a message from my past self sent to constantly remind me of my headspace from that time. I don’t know how Pink Cig wrote such a good verse! Sometimes it feels like he took the words from my own brain. It’s a great song to me, personally. 

Which artists have you been playing on repeat lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Osquinn lately. Her music is INSANE. She recently came out with an EP called Bleh last month that is so, so good. Her stuff is probably my favourite out of right now.

What particular genre do you reckon your music is how would you describe your own style? 

I’ve had this conversation with my friends before and we really aren’t too sure what to call my genre! But as an artist, I don’t wanna put a solid label on what kind of music I make, because I feel as if I’ve been pretty much doing a variety of different sounds (production-wise). My beat selection may be different from song-to-song but my ‘emo’ lyrics and auto tuned vocals are usually the same. So if anything, I would say my genre varies depending on my mood. 

Lastly, who would be your dream collab if you could choose literally any musician?

My dream collab would probably be with Lil Uzi Vert. He’s such a huge artist right now and to be able to work on something with him — someone I would consider one of my biggest inspirations — would be so wild to me. I feel like me and him would be a banger! 

 What are you waiting for? Go listen to Emo Fruits! 

Summer Frost