From Paris With Love | Kay Greyson Interview

Since RIDE started up back in 2016 Kay Greyson has featured more than most on our site. From our hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kay is one of the most prolific artists in the city when it comes to live shows. After a period of silence she’s back with one of her most polished projects to date. ‘Paris’ is Kay’s new three track EP, it hits with the smooth flows and clean delivery we’ve grown accustomed to with the Kay, but this project also carries with it a new air of maturity from the 22 year old hip-hop aficionado.

We caught up with Kay just after the release to discuss the evolution of her sound, the story behind her ‘Paris’ EP and her goals for the rest of the year.

It’s been a while since you last spoke to us – over 2 years in fact! – when you look back at live session we did in 2018 do you think your music has evolved/developed much since then?

I feel like it’s been a long journey since then, I’ve grown as a person a lot and I think my music has grown with me. I feel like I’ve been waiting to get the mental state I’m at now where I’m finally here and finally ready. I’ve got more to talk about, more of a perspective on life, it’s improved my writing but also musically I have developed. I’m making songs now with melodies and messages. 

How have you been effected – if at all – by the pandemic as an artist?

Not performing is hell. I didn’t realise how much I rely on it when it comes to workshopping ideas and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I feel like I’ve gigged consistently since I was 17. I’m 22 now. Not having that sounding board or that release has been a massive challenge and it has made releasing something at this time all the more nerve wrecking but it’s taught me to trust myself. If I like it, then that’s all that matters and other people liking it is just a beautiful bonus.

By the time this article comes out your brand new EP ‘Paris’ will have dropped, what can you tell us about the project and the inspirations behind it?

‘Paris’ the EP is inspired by three different cities, two separate parties and one dream. “Call The Police” was a party in Newcastle I went to that was so good they had to call the police to make us leave. “Sweet Rum Punch” was the first time I went to Notting Hill Carnival in London and “Paris” is a place I’ve never been but always wanted to go. When making the EP I made a lot of music, nearly 30 finished songs and I had tonnes of little ideas. There were a lot of great tracks, stuff that will probably come out in the future but these three songs were always favourites. The lyrics are all so true to my life, they are like a snapshot of my life as a 21 year old.

Have you got a favourite track off the EP or one that means the most to you?

Having only three tracks was a deliberate choice, we didn’t want any filler, just wanted to put our best out first, because of that I love all three of them. It’s like having three kids. “Call the Police” is your crazy child, bit of a black sheep but you love them. “Sweet Rum Punch” is your suave, cool prodigy that reminds of you of a younger you, or at least who you think you are and “Paris” is your golden child, your first born. I don’t know if that sounds mad or not, but it’s how I look at it.

What are you wanting listeners to take away from this project?

The project is short, but it has a lot on it. It’s like an introduction to me. There is a lot of personal stuff I touch on, sometimes in a joking way, like on “Sweet Rum Punch” when I say ‘my daddy and my daddy’s daddy drank it, granny probably did, if I wasn’t black she would have met the kid, I could have asked’. It’s said in jest but it’s real. I want people to come away from the project feeling like they know me a little better and I want them to enjoy the music, of course.

Finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2020 (if we ever get back to ‘normal’!)?

I’m not slowing down on writing and recording. I think the plan is to follow the ‘Paris’ EP up pretty quickly with something else. Keep the momentum going. I want to find some way to get back performing this year too. 2020 has really been a lesson in not planning anything because you really never know but those are my small goals, more shows, more music. 

Johno Ramsay