Meet Yung Van, an Artist Leading the Next Wave of Soundcloud Stars | Interview

Yung Van rapper

The newest rising star in the ever-expanding realm of alternative rap: Yung Van. The 21-year-old artist from Kentucky has already created a lasting indent on American underground hip-hop, with plenty of previous acclaimed Spotify successes – including the wistful ‘I Waited on You, You Never Came’, ‘I Just Wanted Somebody to Hold Me’ and my personal favourite, ‘Dear Death, I Miss You’. 

Last month the poetic rapper released his long-awaited third album, ‘Past the Stars’. We saw this as a great opportunity to have a chilled-out chat about his music and any possible future plans he may have in store…

So, how’s life in quarantine been so far? 

Well, I haven’t really worked on much music at all, actually… I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus. Played a lot of video games with my homies as well!

Very relatable for most of us! What actually got you into making music in the first place? 

Probably my friend, Jonathan. He was always writing raps and one day I asked him for a beat he liked, and I wrote my first song over the top of it. The song is really bad and it has been absolutely lost in the void! But I am forever grateful that Jonathan got me into rapping.

I’m curious as to how the song sounds… who are your top ten influential musicians, as of today?

I’d have to say… Stromae, Marina and the Diamonds, Phildel, Lykke Li, Linkin Park, Lil Peep, Gnash, Spooky Black, Yung Lean and The Cure. They’ve all helped me deal with my feelings, and have made me feel less alone! 

How would you describe your musical style, and have you got a particular favourite out of all your releases? 

I’d say my music is alternative & hip-hop/rap. It’s a real mix of both, just depends on the song. I like to experiment a lot. My favourite song is probably ‘How To Cope’ or ‘Screaming Out Your Name’ because they are extremely personal and I feel as if I left a part of me in those songs.

I see you’ve created your own record label! What inspired you to start a Minivan Records?

Well, I had been releasing music on all platforms for about two years, and wanted a way to really brand all of my music together! So I thought it would be a good idea to start my own company to brand myself under.

Who would you love to work with, one day?

I would like to collab with Stromae! Their music is amazing and I love the way their voice sounds! If not Stromae, then Marina or Gnash, for sure! I believe that they all just have a great understanding of music.

Finally – are you planning on any live shows to take place in the post-pandemic world?

I’m really hoping to go on tour in 2021, if everything gets better! I also hope to play some more shows with my bros in DITC, also Cøzybøy and Spaceman Zack!

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Remember to check out Yung Van’s new album, Past The Stars! Available on most streaming platforms now.