Blurring the lines between Emo, Punk and Trap, meet LYFEINPRISON | NEW BLOOD


A young upstart from Manchester, UK, it took lockdown to push LYFEINPRISON to finally release his first track. Juxtaposing lo-fi instrumentation with slick trap production and auto-crooning vocals, LYFEINPRISON has the potential to turn heads with his unique take on ’emo-trap’ meets punk. Find out more about this burgeoning new artist below, in his first ever interview…

First off tell us who you are and where you come from?

My name is Declan or LYFEINPRISON, I’m a 19 year old artist from Manchester, England.

How would you describe your sound? 

I’d say there isn’t a distinct way to describe my sound as it can versify many different styles but if I had to bring it down to one word ‘alternative’ comes to mind 100%.

Give us a little insight into what got you started in music and when you decided to take it seriously.

Well I have always wanted to do music since I was like 12 but I never had the drive to do it and was always too insecure about what people I know would think. But, I’d say last year I really considered the idea a lot more seriously then I ever did before and I said to myself no matter what I will make a song within the next year, and lo and behold with 2020 going horribly I had nothing else to do I thought fuck it I will make that song. So, that’s what I did and since my first single “You Won’t Even Look at Me” all I have been thinking about is how to progress my music.

Who do you look up to that’s making music now – are there any other underground artists we should be following?

It’s definitely generic, but my main inspiration for the last 4-5 years has been Lil Peep and Lil Tracy, but after being more involved in the underground scene the past 2 years I’ve discovered people like Convolk, SpaceMan Zack, Lil Lotus just to name a few. But as far as underground artists that you should look out for I’d suggest people such as RipLoaf, yunny goldz, GloomyXay, Slur, Drugsta, Poison Tongue Boy and there’s plenty others, some of the best artists are hardly known and I always try my nest to work with these people. I don’t have the biggest reach but anything I can do to help these deserving people get the attention they deserve.

How have you been dealing with this pandemic? 

The pandemic hasn’t affected me too much, I’ve always been a shut in so I never went out much anyways, it did kinda suck that I couldn’t see friends or family as much but it wasn’t all that devastating for me, the lockdown actually just pushed me to start making music as I mentioned before, and it’s helped me focus on it now more then I would’ve normally.

Finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2020 (if everything goes back to normal soon…)?

Well I have been working relentlessly on more music and I’m hoping either at the end of the year or beginning of 2021 I will have my first full length project out, and that’s something I’m very excited and passionate about and can’t wait to show everyone that I can make great shit and that I am here to stay. I would also love to start planning to go to America to work with some artists on a more personally level.