Hard Hitting Rap with a DIY Punk Ethic, meet PYRXCITER | NEW BLOOD


Making aggressive, uncompromising rap music that’s filled with distorted bass and bi-polar vocals, PYRXCITER is a young underground artist building a cult following via Soundcloud. His most popular track “BAD BLOOD”, sitting at a sizeable 86,000 streams since being released 9 months ago, hits like nascar aloe, City Morgue and Scarlxrd mashed together in some sort of frantic, DIY pot. It’s rawness is part of it’s appeal, it feels punk, it feels rough around the edges, it feels like what underground music should be.

We approached the enigmatic PYRXCITER for his first ever interview, discover him and his music below – he could be a huge name in years to come.

First off tell us who you are and where you come from?

I don’t know who I am yet, but I come from Salibury, North Carolina. The dirty South.

How would you describe your sound?

I wouldn’t describe due to the simple fact that I have multiple sounds. I leave it up to my listener to describe my sound. Although I do have a very high pitched voice and I can manipulate my vocals to switch to just about any tone you could think of.  

What inspires you to make music?

What inspires me to make music are my real life situations, real life problems, real life stories, and even my dreams. I like to project these ideas in the most exciting way possible.  

How did you first get into making music?

When I was a child, my father introduced me to a sub-genre of Rap, Horrorcore. He knew I’d fall in love with this type of music because he noticed how much I liked horror movies.
The genre influenced me to write one of my first rap songs I actually got in trouble for in the 5th Grade of Elementary School. I wrote some pretty grimey things on that paper about a specific classmate, but I didn’t put her name. I chose not to, just in case I got in trouble.

When my mother got a call from the school and teacher about the song I wrote, she was really upset with me. My father wasn’t around to back me up, so I had to take the fall.
He used to play a lot of 2Pac, Biggie, Eminem, Three Six Mafia, Lil Wayne and various other artists but these were the main ones that gave me a sense of how to be lyrical.
After I got in trouble, I still kept at my writing. Years later, I had a friend of mine get taken away from me in middle school. This was when I was into Punk Rock and Alternative Rock.

After losing my best friend, I had wrote my first sad song which is called “Out of Reach”. It’s available on Soundcloud if you are interested in seeing what that sounds like. Before it’s re-release, I was receiving really good feedback on it’s raw version, so I knew I had a good feel for music. I knew that I could keep doing it.

Tell us about your latest release

“R.Y.N.O.” (Rip You A New One) is a really complex, colourful, and hype album. It’s theme is influenced by Punk Rock, especially when it comes to it’s lyrical content and some of the vocal styles. The last track on the album is Hardcore Punk and for me, it sets the tone of the album. I didn’t limit myself on this project. I went all out with the energy. Every track was recorded to my fullest potential.

How have you been dealing with this pandemic?

That’s the thing, I haven’t been dealing with it. Just where a mask whenever I go out if I have to. I already stay in the house a lot. Im really introverted as it is.

Are you releasing any more music in the near future?

Yes, I have much more content to release. A year’s worth.