Track of the Week: “lights (4444)” – nothing,nowhere.

nothing,nowhere lights (4444)

A great example of someone who created a movement from the solitude of their bedroom, nothing,nowhere. is back once again with a new single and a fresh direction. “lights (4444)” has all of your favourite parts of n,n’s style – the catchy, emotionally charged lyrics; smooth melodic vocals; jangly guitar samples juxtaposed with 808s and trap hi-hats. All of that, with a sprinkle of atmospheric synthwave, really makes “lights (4444)” special.

nothing,nowhere. only continues to evolve, keeping things fresh with each new release – there’s not one bad track in this man’s catalogue! And, in an era where a lot of artists choose quantity over quality, it’s clear n,n is one of the few remaining that favours dropping only their best shit, every time.