Canada’s Eryn Martin Is About To Takeover Your Playlists | Interview

Eryn Martin has been carving her own musical path since 2017. The Canadian artist really started turning heads in recent years, her 2019 single “Ball” racking up almost 3 million streams on Spotify. A sound that’s difficult to define, Martin creates ethereal soundscapes that weave their way through the worlds of indie pop, alternative hip-hop and trap to create something that’s uniquely hers. Add Eryn’s infectious vocals, sometimes flowing like your favourite rapper, other times singing with earworm melodies, and you’ve got the recipe for something special. Something undeniably fresh.

We caught up with Eryn after she dropped two of her biggest singles to-date, talking inspirations, new music, UK grime and plans for the future…

We’ve seen your music described as ‘dark pop’, ‘alt pop’, ‘alternative hip-hop’ and so on online, but how would you describe it? 

Yeah I definitely get this question a lot, I’m not sure I know the answer yet to be honest. People always have to stick you somewhere and categorise you but I would just describe my music as me. It’s just inspired from things that I like and that inspiration comes from so many different places.

Tell us about your songwriting process, what inspires you to pick up the pen? 

It’s just this thing in my head and I need to write constantly. I don’t even need a beat I’m just writing in my head at all times. I have this sort of control over telling these stories and how it sounds and something about that is so addicting.

Your Spotify bio mentions you like a good smoke, does that play in part in your creative process? 

Hell yeah, 90% of the songs I make are about smoking and I was most likely smoking while making it. It’s the only thing in my life I know I’m good at.

Your latest single ‘Namesez’ is awesome, we’ve had it on repeat since it dropped! It’s subject matter doesn’t seem as direct as ‘blonde’, what’s it all about?

Yo thank you! My friend Arthur (R2) makes Brazilian funk music and it inspired the whole song really. The song is about breaking boundaries and showing people that you can’t just stick me into any genre or category. My old music isn’t going to be the same as my new music, I’m always growing and changing and that’s gonna come out in the music I’m making. 

How involved are you in the production and beat making side of your music? 

Yeah so I wish I could say I have this secret talent and I also produce but I actually suck at producing. I like to be involved as I can with it though, I’m always having a say in what it sounds like and I always change things I don’t like. The only thing I do a lot is start from scratch and start with the piano. I play every single day and I’m constantly creating ideas and writing full songs with just me and the piano

We took a look at your ‘Top Dogs’ playlist on Spotify and some names jumped out, UK artists like Dave, Stormzy and some vintage Devlin. How did you discover UK grime and what is it about it that appeals to you? 

Oh man yeah UK grime is like fucking insane to me. UK slang and the language alone is super fucking cool to me but the word play and how it makes me feel is just something I won’t get anywhere else. I first started listening to grime when I got introduced to Devlin, that was like 2008 and I heard Life’s Fucked Up and I was like woah what the fuck is this, I was only 13 or 14. Then I freaked out and was on youtube for the next 8 hours and found Section Boyz, Stormzy and Dave a little later on. Some of the best artists the world in my opinion are UK Grime artists.

What did you think of Drake’s attempt at UK drill recently? A little Canada – UK link up! 

Haha yeah when I heard ‘War’ my friends and I were laughing cause we knew Drake was gonna hop on that at some point. But yeah I thought it was a dope, I mean I might be bias cause I love Drake but it’s definitely cool to see a Canadian artist take some flow inspiration from the UK. He did it well though, I definitely bump it a lot.

With the pandemic bringing live shows to a halt, are they something you’re looking forward to getting back to when things go back to normal? 

I’m honestly terrified of live performances, I’ve only done a few in my lifetime and I always throw up before. I’m definitely looking forward to doing them though cause I love my fans and they deserve a good show.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2020 – any more music on the way? 

Tons of music on the way, more singles, more videos coming. We’re dropping some merch soon and I have an EP in the works as well!