Track of the Week: “pretend” – nothing,nowhere.

Nothing Nowhere - Pretend

The king of genre defying alternative music nothing,nowhere. is back with another hard hitting single that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the year… “pretend”.

If you’re already on the Vermont artist’s fast accelerating hype train you may have heard a live version of “pretend” during his ‘Isolation Assembly’ live stream back in May. Since then fans have been waiting patiently for the official drop of this high-energy track.

“pretend” feels like vintage N,N., mixing angst fuelled rock with raw rap verses. But, it’s the hook on this one that really had fans talking since the live teaser. “Tell me you’ll stay now, even if you won’t – baby we can play pretend!” hits differently, an infectiously melodic chorus that’s delivered with the raw emotional energy we’ve came to expect from nothing,nowhere.

“pretend” could be one of nothing,nowhere’s biggest tracks to-date, it’s already one of our favourite tracks of 2020!