Track of the Week: “Woolwich Arsenal (DLR)” -KwolleM ft. DC

KwolleM producer

KwolleM is a pioneering London producer who’s already turned heads in the UK grime scene with his mellow take on the genre that takes influence from soul, R&B, garage and hip-hop to make grime something you can chill to.

‘c2c’ is K’s sophomore grime project that focuses more on making completely original content rather than repurposing existing vocals like on his first EP ‘Mellow’ (2017). This album is a beautiful listen from start to finish that really feels like a coming of age moment for the talented producer. Devlin, Crazy Titch, Joe James, Roachee and Rayf are just some of the names that lend their vocals, but “Woolwich Arsenal (DLR)” with DC is an obvious stand-out.