Birmingham’s Ghostzart is creating a scene from the ground up | NEW BLOOD


Born out of the gritty streets of Birmingham, UK, Ghostzart is an ambitious new artist that’s looking to make some waves in the underground scene and put his city on the map. A rapper and head of his own label, Ghost and his fellow BC rappers on Crow Gang Records make a distinct style of grungy alternative hip-hop that’s akin to the likes of $uicideBoy$ and early Ghostemane. Find out more about Ghostzart and his music in this exclusive Q&A…

First off, how would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard you before?

With this project I’d say more grunge/emo mixed with trap, but I try not to just make one sound I like to experiment with all genres mixed with trap. 

This isn’t your first musical project, so how did you get your start in music?

I was in rap/DnB collective called Night Movements a few years ago, and out of that me and couple others sort of formed the early Crow Gang. I’ve been more on the side lines but recently wanted to start recording again.

When did you decide to start taking it seriously?

Only recently I’d say just before lockdown in the UK.

You’re not only an artist but you’re also the owner of a label, how do you balance your time between the two – does one come as a priority before the other?

I split a lot of the work with co-label owner Exa The Exacist, most evenings we’re working on projects. We like to keep busy so we always thinking of the future. I feel like in 2020 you have to know the business side of it as well.

Give us a quick run-down of some of the artists on your roster and why we should look out for them.

So its myself Ghostzart, DIRTBOYS which is Exa The Exacist and 432 The Divine. Exa makes the majority of the beats we use he isn’t locked down to one style. Also another artist called Rydro. DIRTBOYS have a mixtape coming out in November which I will be featuring on. 

Your debut EP ‘BAD LIGHT’ is on its way, with one single dropped already. What can you tell us about the project and the inspirations behind it?

To me it’s about going through a break up and the different stages I go through. From missing someone to not caring anymore. Going through quarantine kind of in my feels with loads of spare time. I was really feeling the grungy distorted guitar samples mixed with the 808s so me and Exa just sat for hours going through samples, making beats and writing. We made a lot of tracks but the four I’ve chosen kind of stuck and fits the transition of break up to make up scenario.

As this is your debut release, what will make it a success in your eyes – the numbers, fans reaction or something else?

Even if I get ten new fans it’s still a success to me. 

You’re Birmingham based, what’s the local underground scene like there – is there one?

There defo is a scene for it but Birmingham is a hard sell. We are looking to do events soon if 2021 permits us!

How have you and the label dealt with the on going pandemic?

We’ve just been focusing on making content we’ve got a lot of unreleased music on all different types of waves. Plus it gave us time to prepare for future projects

Finally, what have you got planned for the rest of 2020?

I’m working on a new project at the moment called ‘Ghostzart the unfriendly ghost’, it’s going to be different to anything on the ‘Bad Light’ project.