Track of the Week: “comedown” – scapey

Scapey rapper

UK emo-trap aficionado scapey is back with another dose of sing-a-long worthy sadness in his new single “comedown”.

Produced by the man himself under his production moniker PengwinOnDaBeat, “comedown” is a track already full of melancholic atmosphere that draws you in from the initial drum hits and faded intro. From there scapey’s ear for a melody and infectious chorus has you hooked.

“What if my heart stops? What if I don’t wake up this time?” is the line you’ll be screaming pissed on your way home from the pub in the rain… if you’ve got any pubs left of course. It’s got the simple charm and angst of a mid-2000s pop-punk hit that just embeds itself in your head and has you singing it back to yourself with a teenage passion. “WHAT IF MY HEART STOPS?! WHAT IF I DON’T WAKE UP THIS TIME?!”

Keep an eye on scapey, he’s one of our favourite artists out of the UK right now.