Zone 2’s PS Hitsquad Is Ready To Takeover | INTERVIEW


PS Hitsquad is a name that holds weight in the UK drill scene and after a year hiatus the Zone 2 rapper is back with his sights set on dominating the game.

The Peckham native’s new single “Bruce Willis” serves as a statement return for the emerging rapper who is set to have an impactful 2021 through a string of hard hitting releases.

We caught up with PS in the wake of his triumphant return to music…

Your new track “Bruce Willis” just dropped, how does it feel getting back behind the mic and getting new music out? 

In jail, I still felt the love. Kenny Allstar, for example, playing my tune on radio while I’m on my bunk bed. Those things shone through all the discouragement so I couldn’t wait to do what I’m trying to do now. 

The comments on the video have got thousands of people saying you’re one of the top 5 in drill – do you agree?

Top 5?? I appreciate it. 

Who else do you rate in drill right now?

I don’t really listen to drill too much if I’m honest. But OBVIOUSLY other than my Zone 2s & my lil bros, PBG, the only drill rappers I listen to are Digga D, Loski & Central Cee. Sinsquad too!

Do you ever read the comments on your videos?

Not really. I be coming past a few sometimes doe. Shit be funny as fuck!

With so many new artists trying to break out with drill, how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? 

Watch me grow. I ain’t coming for drill. I’m an artist. I’m coming for music. To make people feel something other than what they are feeling. To have a little insight into EVERY aspect of what made PS. Watch me grow. 

Now you’re back on your music grind what’s the plan for the rest of 2020, are you working on more singles?

I’m working on dududu still. A few dududus actually. Got dududu coming on dududu of dududu dududududu lol I’m saying a lot. 

A lot of people are asking for some new collabs, have you got any in the works and who would you like to work with?

Nope. Could doe.  

Finally, what’s your favourite Die Hard film?

Oi! Bruce Willis is a serious guy man. Go watch some of his other movies too. But I couldn’t choose because I really wanna be in Nakatomi Plaza rn if I’m being honest.