EP Review: ‘TRi’ – Lucie Guillaume

Lucie Guillaume - TRI

Deliciously ambiguous, Lucie Guillaume’s first EP ‘TRi’ is not one to disappoint.

Heralding from South London, the French-English musician mixes genres of Trip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Pop to create something that can’t really be described as any – the threads of each drawn to create a debut that is smooth, conversational, and light. This lightness holds despite the unflowery lyricism : the singer discloses an  underwhelmed-ness by her relationship, it’s direction, and the journey to its eventual end.

As her first EP signed to ‘Spinnup’ (A sister of Universal Records) the six track journey starts with the garage-y ‘Still Around’.  A great contender for a single due to its catchy riffs and excellent production, this is easily my favourite on the EP. It paints a picture of a spiralling, uneven relationship, with the sassy opening line ‘Said before, I’d rather die… It’s anti-climactic’. Vividly sang with laid back vocals akin to that of ELIZA, and an uneven beat, this song could be an incredulous response to an  ‘Are u up’ text. This track is particularly good due to its transcendence- capturing the trappings of a not quite right relationship –  an unsure liking and vulnerability that we all know, eventually coalescing into ‘well fuck you then, it’s your choice. I’m removing myself from any responsibility’.

The EP continues with wonk-funk basslines and self-affirmation on the track ‘Not For You’ to a slower tempo ‘Thirty-Percent’. The latter is more R&B than the other tracks, with a melodic synth and bassline. The EP follows in this vein until ‘Not Enough’ which bares similarity in the layering and mic distortion to Blood Orange. With a difference in tone to the rest of the EP, this track is more ambient and soulful,  depicting how regardless of her efforts ‘It still wouldn’t be enough’.

Having written and produced all the music herself, you owe it to Lucie Guillaume to take a listen. Preferably before the person that you’re seeing TRi’s to woo you with the EP’s smooth vocals and sexy baseline –  If we’ve learned anything from the tracks, relationships are more heartache than they’re worth.


Sophia Ball