Single Review: “Waterfalls” – Mined Music

Minded Music producer

Mined Music is the musical moniker for Michael Newell, a music producer and DJ based in Munich. And Newell’s latest single “Waterfalls” is one of his most impressive musical offerings yet.

In a very DJ Khalid-esque approach to producing, Minded Music looked to bring together an incredible array of diverse and talented musicians to create “Waterfalls”. He first enlisted the lyricism of US rappers Keybeaux and Cleva Thoughts to bring this mesmerisingly intricate track to life. The real moody vibe of the track comes from the incredible string work by classical violinist Dara Zusko, perfectly complimenting Maree Lawn‘s soulful backing vocals.

“The song is about concentrating on the moment, going after your goals, standing strong and not getting stuck in the past.” said Mined Music, and you can feel that throughout the track.

With it’s captivating hook and meditative pace, “Waterfalls” strikes the perfect balance between melancholy and optimism. Mined Music has stuck gold with this dynamic ensemble and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.