Album Review: ‘Purple Fuego’ – Mono X


‘Purple Fuego’ is the latest project from up and coming South London artist Mono X.

The self-produced rapper has been grinding and making a name for himself in the capital’s underground scene for a few years now, with a handful of singles and a couple of notable EPs already under his belt. But ‘Purple Fuego’ is without doubt Mono X’s most dynamic project to date.

The 13-track release is bursting with melodic crooning, bouncy trap beats and high energy from start to finish. Despite being a British artist, Mono X is very obviously influenced by the dominant American melodic trap style. Think artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott and Young Thug. But, Mono X hasn’t simply lifted this style and passed it off as his own, he has 100% made it his own with a distinctive edge that draws from the grit of the UK rap scene. Both worlds come together on this project to make this hybrid of US and UK styles that takes just the right amount of influence from both.

Mono X really flexes both his production and vocal chops on this project. You never know what direction he’s going to go in from track to track, but you can always count on crispness and super clean production to shine through. ‘Purple Fuego’ really does have something for everyone.

We at RIDE really can’t believe how underrated Mono X is. This project deserves to be heard by as many ears as possible. Let’s hope ‘Purple Fuego’ gives Mono X the push needed to take his career to the next level.