EP Review: ‘Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol. 2’ – UFFY


UFFY is an American rapper with an incredible story that saw him serve 87 months in a US Federal Prison. A story that he lays out across this new three track EP ‘Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol.2‘.

In a nutshell, UFFY caught a case after being a part of one of the biggest pharmaceutical drug busts in US history. In a case worth over six million dollars. UFFY’s 87 months inside gave him time to reflect and work on his craft, emerging back into the world during one of the hardest times on record for the music industry. UFFY has the odds stacked against him, but his talent speaks for itself and he’s ready to stand triumphant.

This EP is a testament to UFFY’s ability behind the mic, both with his story telling and delivery. UFFY has kept his finger on the pulse of the rap game and announced his return with an impressively dynamic project and undeniable talent.

This is just the beginning of UFFY’s comeback season. Keep your eyes on him, he’s destined to make a huge impact on the game very soon!