Single Review: “YH FAM” – (All Real) Jdot

There’s a lot of noise in the UK drill scene at the moment, a lot of artists looking to make a name for themselves in one of the most saturated genres out.

So, it really does take something special to stand-out from the crowd. And this latest single from Jdot is exactly that. “YH FAM” is special. It grabs your attention and refuses to let go for the 2:19 duration.

After being locked up for three years, Jdot came out of the pen ready to attack the drill scene with all he’s got. You can feel that raw energy on “YH FAM”. It’s unrelenting and incredibly catchy. Jdot addresses rumours and haters head on, telling them he is as notorious as people say he is. “YH FAM” is his reply to it all.

Is Jdot going to take over the UK drill scene? YH FAM!