EP Review: ‘Trees’ – Jay Lamar

Jay Lamar

We’re getting back to some normality this summer; a chance to go back out, meet friends and make up for lost time. Jay Lamar‘s new EP ‘Trees’ is all about capturing that optimism and fuelling the summer vibe we all want back!

The four track EP is as chilled out as can be, with Jay’s effortlessly soulful vocals gliding you through each track as if you’re sat on a cloud with a nice J and no worries in the world.

It’s hard to put Jay Lamar’s sound in a box on this EP. He’s got a versatile style and free-flowing approach to music. It’s hip-hop, rap, lo-fi and neo-soul all at the same time! Simply light up, crack a bottle, lay back and let Jay take you to another place with his music.

This EP is a great taster of what Jay Lamar has to offer and it leaves us wanting to hear more from this versatile new force on the scene.