Album Review: ‘The Legend Of Ashitaka (The Curse) – Prince Ash

Prince Ash

If I asked you ‘have you heard of Irish Emo-Trap?’ I’m pretty sure you’d say no. Prince Ash is the artist trying to change that.

Ash’s brand new album ‘The Legend Of Ashitaka (The Curse)’ has just dropped and it sounds just as cinematic as the name suggests. Across these 16 tracks the Galway native lets the listener into the darkest and most troubled parts of his psyche.

You can hear Ash’s influences, Lil Peep, Ghostemane, BONES ect., in almost all of the tracks. But, Ash’s sound stands out from the artists he’s influenced by. The way he uses epic soundscapes to add more depth to the dark lyricism is a complete breath of fresh air in this genre. It’s easy to get lost in your influences and let them take hold of your sound, but Ash has absolutely found the perfect medium on this album.

Emo Trap as a genre often get’s labelled as one note by outsiders looking in. Prince Ash totally destroys that myth. 16 tracks may sound long but he uses them to show just how diverse he is. One moment you’re vibing out to a heavy melodic trap wave and the next you’re getting hit with straight bars delivered with cutting Irish swagger.

Prince Ash has made the Long-Play album worth while again, using each of the tracks to paint a picture of his dark and melancholic cinematic vision.