EP Review: ‘QR’ – Caesar Gorgeous

Caesar Gorgeous

‘QR’ is the latest project from forward thinking Chicago rapper Caesar Gorgeous.

At a lean 5-tracks, the ‘QR’ EP is a smooth listen from start to finish. Caesar transports you to another world with his ethereal, out of the box production and voice modulated vocals.

The project really captures that Kid Cudi otherworldly vibe with it’s almost psychedelic take on chill hip-hop meets R&B. It feels like more than just 5 individual tracks. The experience of listening to the project is more like one big sonic journey through Caesar’s glittering soundscapes.

Caesar’s emotion is palpable throughout ‘QR’, each track is an emotional journey as much as it is a sonic one. Caesar has that rare ability to capture raw emotion on his tracks and it’s something that makes this EP stand out from the crowd in a genre now rife with fakery.

‘QR’ is an EP all hip-hop fans should listen to at least once this year. It’s a beautifully orchestrated soundscape with masterful production from Caesar Gorgeous.



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