Single Review: Recet – “Far Gone”


“Far Gone” is the upcoming single by fast rising alternative hip-hop artist Recet from Denver, Colorado.

Set to drop May 14th, we got an exclusive first listen to “Far Gone” and spoke to Recet about his inspiration behind the wavy new single.

Recet told us how the song came about whilst his sister was serving time at a federal prison. He babysat his 6 month-old nephew and contemplated past relationships; romantic and platonic. Amidst this experience, he vented his energy though producing a beat and writing lyrics, all of which came together to form “Far Gone”.

He said that the song comes from a place of pain, and by sharing these sounds, Recet he hopes to soothe listeners in similar states of mind, while helping them to vent their own emotions.

You might assume from this back story that the song has a downtrodden vibe. But it’s not that way at all. Recet’s vibrant production alongside his Lil Peep style vocals makes for a cathartic listening experience. There’s a duality of sadness and overcoming sadness within the track. It’s almost emo, almost inspirational.

We’re big fans of this track and can’t wait for it to drop. Recet is carving his own lane and “Far Gone” is another step in the right direction. Listen to the snippet and pre-save by clicking the link below.