Single Review: T-13 – “No Stress” [FREESTYLE]


T-13 is a fresh face on the UK rap scene hailing from Bolton that’s setting up to make a big splash in 2021.

This hooky “No Stress” freestyle is his way of introducing himself to the world and making a first impression. And as far as we’re concerned it’s as cold as a first impression cold be. The track is HARD!

It’s the way that T-13 attacks the skippy beat with a measured and concise flow that makes this one so cold. With drill becoming so saturated as a genre it’s a breath of fresh air hearing someone come with a unique take and flow that’s not trying to bite anyone else’s style.

He’s called it a freestyle but the hook is there and it gets stuck in your head after just one listen. T-13 comes so laid back on this one that it looked like no stress at all for him to put out something with this much potential – it’s impressive.

With his official debut single “No Practice” due to drop May 14th we can’t wait to see the moves T-13 makes this year. We predict he’s about to put Bolton on the map in a big way!