Single Review: “Poke The Taurus” – Andre Bugatti


Andre Bugatti is a fast rising experimental hip-hop artist based in Sydney, Australia and his new track “Poke The Taurus” is his most out of the box work to date.

Andre was raised in Auckland, New Zealand, after being born in Kerala, India and finally settling in Australia. It’s this duality of Eastern and Western culture that influences Andre’s approach to making music. This struggle to find a place within these two conflicting worlds led Andre to reject both and look to create his own world.

“Poke The Taurus” reflects Andre’s fight to find his own unique voice in the music world. And as far as we’re concerned he’s done exactly that. This cut flows from semi-acoustic pop bliss to low-key trap with finesse. It’s like… chill trap… listen to it and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

But underneath the blissfuly ethereal vibe of the track, Andre is addressing some real personal and heartfelt issues that plague his life. And everyone else’s from time to time. “Poke The Taurus, is a track that speaks about the trials and tribulations I face in life – betrayal, dismissal, taunt, disloyalty and heartbreak,” he said.

“I keep telling myself there is hope, through the self assurance that everything is going to be okay, I still find myself tripping, making mistakes, being upset, whilst the ego calms my insecurities with the possessions and wealth of life.

“Poke The Taurus speaks about the daily difficulties we face within ourselves, the expectations of those close to us as well as larger society. A weight on our shoulders, that eventually make us collapse, or explode in anger; so please don’t poke the Taurus”

We love this cut from Andre Bugatti, he’s an artist that truly is in his own lane, carving his own path. Listen to “Poke The Taurus now and keep your eyes peeled for more from this promising upstart.