Single Review: “Truth” – Apostle ft. Lara Luu


“Truth” is the honest and incredibly raw new track from rising London rapper Apostle.

Although Apostle doesn’t describe himself as a Christian rapper, it’s hard to ignore the inspiration he takes from his faith on this track. In fact, Apostle was inspired to write “Truth” after feeling like he’d discovered the path God set out for him. Furthermore, he believes everyone has that path that they need to find and that’s what “Truth” is all about.

Beat-wise the track has a very gospel, church piano vibe – fitting with the faith-driven lyricism. Apostle’s delivery only adds to this sermon feel; it’s almost spoken-word poetry. Imagine the story telling of artists like Cadet, Wretch 32 and Akala but with faith being the main focus of their lyricism.

Female vocalist Lara Luu’s silky voice really brings this track together and adds another layer of soul and listenability. Lara’s vocals complement Apostle’s thought-provoking bars to create a really special track.

The thought of listening to ‘Christian Rap’ may scare you away, but this really isn’t what “Truth” is. Apostle’s music is filled with faith and soul, but it isn’t preaching, it’s uplifting UK rap at it’s best!