EP Review: ‘Look At Me Now’ – Rugga MH

Rugga MH

Fast rising Brooklyn spitter Rugga MH has dropped his long awaited debut EP ‘Look At Me Now’ and it’s blow expectations out of the water!

After making waves in the underground scene with his 2021 debut single “Ping Pong” the streets have been asking for a debut project from Rugga. And with ‘Look At Me Now’ he’s more than delivered.

The six track EP is oozing confidence and charisma. Rugga attacks every track with his swaggering self-assured attitude. Mixing trap and melodic rap bars, Rugga is bringing the sound of the Brooklyn streets in 2021 worldwide. This is the sound that get street parties, cook outs and underground clubs poping!

Rugga’s skippy flow is what really makes this EP stand out. He glides across the hi-hat laden beats with such finesse – he makes it seem easy! It’s that kind of natural ability and unteachable slickness that will surely get some industry heads talking after this release.

The debut single “Ping Pong” still stands out as the golden cut from this project. The beat is so triumphant and paired Rugga’s aggressive flow the track makes you feel like you can take on the world. Again it’s so smooth, Rugga is just flexing his lyrical muscle and showing his raw talent on the mic.

‘Look At Me Now’ is such a strong debut project from Rugga MH – the current King Of New York better watch the throne, because this Brooklyn spitter is coming up fast and taking no prisoners!