Album Review: ‘On God Vomit’ – Portland August

Portland August is a new face on the alternative hip-hop scene out of Dallas, Texas. His latest album ‘On God Vomit’ is a dark look into his psyche that really shows just how dynamic this newcomer can be.

Taking inspiration from the likes of King Krule, Led Zeppelin, Clams Casino, Tame Impala and more, Portland isn’t afraid to be out of the box with his sound. In fact, this entire album is just that – out of the box.

The nine track project is a pretty unpredictable listen… in the best way. There is an overarching grungy, down-trodden vibe but other than that Portland fully flexes his experimental nature within those melancholic confines.

According to Portland “On God Vomit is a story of a man amidst complete disconnection. Already crawling at the feet of society, he loses the last thing giving him any meaning. This sends him into a downward spiral towards the depths of his being-until eventually crawling right back up.”

You can feel that almost rebirth through-out the album – Portland drags you down with jarring, dark beats before taking you back up to bright salvation with loose strums on his guitar and melodic hums that Kid Cudi would be proud of.

Portland – and this album – are impossible to put into a simple genre box. Portland deals in energy, not genres. ‘On God Vomit’ has an emotional narrative, but sonically it’s beautifully manic.

‘On God Vomit’ is an exciting look at the raw potential Portland August has to break musical boundaries and create a totally unique lane for himself. We can’t wait to see where he goes next!