Mixtape Review: ‘ALL IN VAIN’ – VENTRI

VENTRI all-in-vain-photo

‘All In Vain’ is the latest project from enigmatic dark trap artist VENTRI – a fresh face on the underground scene with a point to prove.

The seven track mixtape is a psychedelic trip into the dark depths of VENTRI’s mind; fuelled by haunting production that sends the occasional chill down your spine and jaw breaking riffs made for the mosh pit.

It’s hard to compare VENTRI’s style to any of his contemporaries because it’s so out of the box. His schizophrenic delivery is similar to Ghostemane in the way that he flips from straight up bars to almost demonic chanting. But, VENTRI takes that off the wall vocal production to the next level, using it to create a trance inducing psychedelic vibe throughout the mixtape.

‘All In Vain’ is paradoxically jarring yet hypnotic at the same time. VENTRI lures the listener into a false sense of lucid security before ramping up the energy with heart-wrenchingly dark vocals.

This mixtape is VENTRI’s uncompromising arrival on the underground scene. He’s not prepared to tone down his artistic vision to fit into any neat box. Dark psychedelic trap is VENTRI’s lane and he’s pioneering the sound with ruthless intent.