“They Don’t Really Love You” is the latest hard-hitting single from Michigan based rapper and singer Lxve.

Lxve is a fresh face on the rap scene, but he’s no stranger to the industry. Lxve cut his teeth playing in various punk and metal bands when he was growing up and you can hear that reflected in his current sound. Lxve looks to mesh old school emo vibes with modern R&B to create something that reflects his musical journey.

That duality comes through on this new single. “They Don’t Really Love You” juxtaposes mellow bars with a punchy emo hook that you can’t help but want to scream out alongside Lxve.

Lxve is currently working on a concept EP, of which this single is the first track, called ‘The Serial Masquerade’. It’s going to chronicle the story of a circus performer that falls in love with a serial killer. However, “They Don’t Really Love You” doesn’t give too much away about that story but it does stand alone as a strong emo rap banger in it’s own right.

Lxve looks to bring something fresh to the emo rap genre with his dramatic story telling on “They Don’t Really Love You”. You can feel the emotion on this one, Lxve really leaves it all on the track.