Single Review: “Happy Days” – RJ. Flo


Been feeling stressed out this week? COVID restrictions still getting you down? I advise you to play this new track from RJ.Flo as soon as possible and let your troubles melt away… for three minutes at least.

The London based beat-maker was inspired to create his latest blissful soundscape “Happy Days” when reminiscing on good times he had pre-COVID. However, the track isn’t suggesting we’re all doomed now; RJ uses chill R&B infused beats to capture a sense of hopefulness and better days to come.

Peaceful, relaxing and brimming with good vibes, ‘Happy Days‘ is exactly the kind of smooth yet funky listen we need to get us through these last weeks of restrictions (hopefully). It’s three minutes of utter sonic joy that’ll be sure to put a spring in your step.

It’s always exciting discovering artists as unique as RJ.Flo and we really can’t wait to see where he takes his music next!