Single Review: “Adrenaline” – GR!M $U!C!DE

Having only started making music a year ago, GR!M SU!C!DE is a fresh face on the underground music scene. But, he’s a face you won’t be forgetting after hearing his latest teeth shattering single “Adrenaline”.

Inspired by the likes of $uicideboy$, Night Lovell and City Morgue, GR!M is all about mashing up genres, mixing hardcore rap with heavy metal, to create a sound that’s filled with aggression and an uncontrollable energy.

On “Adrenaline” GR!M has turned the aggression up to the max, crafting a dark, mosh-pit ready banger that’ll have you wrecking your room in gleeful nihilism. It’s punchy, edgy and defiantly unique.

GR!M SU!C!DE may be a new face in the world of alternative rap, but his latest track “Adrenaline” is sure to make a huge impact with its face smashing sound. Keep an eye on this one!