Mixtape Review: ‘Spread Luv Tape: A Point Of Light’ – Juice Lord

Juice Lord

You’d be forgiven for becoming a bit of pessimist given the state of the world in the last year or so. Lockdowns, restrictions and a worldwide societal shake-up has left a lot of us feeling beat. That’s why the new ‘Spread Luv Tape’ by Juice Lord is a ray of positivity that hip-hop fans around the world will be needing now more than ever.

Coming out of the inner-city streets of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Juice Lord was brought up in a household that cared for the entire neighbourhood. His parents made sure him and his friends didn’t go down the wrong path, were taught respect and knew that love was important. And it’s that influence that’s led to Juice trying to spread love through his music and use the ‘Spread Luv Tape’ to remind the world that there are better days ahead.

The tape kicks off with the blissfully smooth lead single “Feels So Right”. Juice Lord spits like Kendrick Lamar on Cloud 9 – he’s lyrically sharp but laidback enough to send you to a real peaceful place in your mind. As promised the theme of love, looking out for one and other and bringing your circle up with you. Throughout the project Juice’s bars make you feel like you’re talking to that elder on your block that sees through the bullshit, leaves ego behind and gives you wisdom you need to take on life.

Juice Lord practices what he preaches on this project, featuring a slew of talented up and comers on the tracks like Why Khaliq, Kaleem The Dream, Ethos and Mosbeats. This variety of production and voices makes the project so much more dynamic without mudding the overall laidback, golden-age hip-hop vibe expertly created by Juice.

Juice Lord is one of the realest emcees doing his thing right now. The Minnesota spitter harks back to the golden age of hip-hop on his ‘Spread Luv Tape’ and it’s exactly the kind of energy we need to get through these rough times. If you’re a hip-hop fan it’s a must listen!