EP Review: ‘Diffractions’ – T Lori

T Lori

Following up from his ‘Reflections’ EP, fresh face on the UK rap scene T Lori is back again with another five mind bending tracks on his ‘Diffractions‘ EP.

In a world where genres are slowly but surely becoming less and less relevant, T Lori is an artist pushing that genre-less mentality further with his out of the box approach to making music. Lori is a big advocate of experimenting with pre-established genres in order to create something fresh and that’s what the ‘Diffractions’ EP is all about.

On this project Lori blends genres such as hip-hop, rap, EDM, drill and trapsoul in-order to showcase just how diverse of an artist he is. It’s this kind of dedication to his own musical evolution that’s going to make T Lori standout in an over saturated world of music where a lot of artists are simply trying to ride the wave of what’s trending.

Lori started playing guitar at the age of 12 and was raised on heavy metal music. However, it’s hip-hop’s very own rockstar Post Malone who Lori credits as his main inspiration and you can feel some of that slick trap Posty flavour on this EP.

With all of this project being self-produced – from mix, mastering, writing and performing – it’s clear to see the amount of raw musical talent T Lori has at his disposal and he poured it all into this raw EP.

T Lori’s ‘Diffractions’ EP is the next step in the beginning of an exciting career for this young artist that’s unbound by genre constraints. He’s got so much potential and is without doubt an artist to watch in 2021.