EP Review: ‘GRUNGEBOY’ – Dil


Hailing from a small town near Lansing, Michigan, Dil is a fresh faced artist blending emo rap, grunge and punk rock on his new EP ‘GRUNGEBOY’.

Dil got his start in music creating beats in high school, before releasing his first solo track “Better One” in 2020.

‘GRUNGEBOY’ feels like Dil’s coming of age moment. The five track EP is filled with attitude and rough edged melancholy. Dil walks the line between melodic rap and raspy rock with his Cobain-esque vocals. The project is raw, unfiltered and endlessly replayable.

We spoke to Dil about the project and his inspiration behind the dark lyricism of ‘GRUNGEBOY’. “It’s a storytelling EP that dives deep into the life cycle of sin,” he said.

“Each track shows sin’s progression into one’s personal life and how it acts as a symbiotic relationship.

“It starts with sin’s first encounter, living in sin, realising its effects, rejecting its temptations, and ends with a victory over inner demons.

“The true rawness and grit of this project are sure to leave their own footprints on this refreshed grunge genre.”

‘GRUNGEBOY’ is an engrossing listen from start to finish. Dil is a breath of fresh air into the long-suffering grunge genre. It’s not dead… and maybe Dil will be the artist to lead the revival.