Album Review: ‘The Progress Album’ – Dee Bomb

Dee Bomb

Dimitrius Stephens, better known as Dee Bomb, is one of those artists whose name holds weight in their hometown. Reppin’ Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dee Bomb is an independent hip-hop artist that’s put in the work over the years to become one of the most respected name’s in his region’s underground scene.

DB already has three received albums under his belt – ‘Beautiful & Harsh Poetry’ (2014), ‘Words that touch Souls’ (2016), and ‘Reality’ (2018) – as well as a slew of singles, features and an EP. But, can his fourth album – 2021’s ‘The Progress Album’ – keep DB’s run of underground classics going?

The 12 track LP, released through DB’s own Bangin Noize Entertainment label, is a perfect slice of golden-age hip-hop with a modern edge. Dee Bomb seems to take inspiration from virtually all generations of hip-hop through-out this album – both in his production and vocal delivery.

Tracks like “This That” hit like a 90’s West-Coast anthems, where as “Black Excellence” is a powerful statement that incorporates punky guitar riffs on an almost 2000’s nu-metal vibe.

What’s consistent on every track though is Dee’s crazy flow that he delivers with such precision and clarity. Even when he turns it up to double time you can always hear every word. Dee doesn’t just rap fast for the sake of it, he still wants you to really feel his bars, feel every word of his thoughtful lyricism.

This project has already racked up Dee’s most streams to date and after listening it’s easy to hear why. The album showcases Dee Bomb’s at his most dynamic. He takes on so many different styles on this cut, paying respect to the old school whilst adding his own modern flair.

If you’re a fan of hip-hip of any sort ‘The Progress Album’ has something for you. It’s a must listen project from one of the most talented underground artists in the game right now.