Single Review: “Work” – Lucius∴

What we love more than anything here at RIDE is bringing you the freshest new artists emerging onto the scene. So, when we get sent a debut single that we’re excited about we just can’t wait to share it with you lot.

And this breakout single from Luton native Lucius really got our heads turning when it dropped into our inbox. We quickly got to work to tell you about “WORK”

Not attached to any specific genre or style when it comes to his beats, Lucius is eager to show the UK scene how dynamic and versatile he is as a fresh face in the game. And he’s certainly done that on “WORK”; it’s gritty, raw and inherently British in the best way.

Lucius’ southern accent flows almost melodically as he raps over his off the wall beat. He shows he can spit head spinning raps whilst also ensuring he makes the track nice and hooky so it’s got that much needed replay value that new artists should be striving for.

Because Lucius keeps switching it up throughout “WORK” he keeps you engaged for the whole 2 minute 50 run time and he does it with skill. It doesn’t feel like he’s trying to fit too much into the track, “WORK” manages to be cohesive yet raw and creatively unbound at the same time.

“WORK” is an ambitious first effort from Luton’s own Lucius; it’s raw, exciting and full of in your face British attitude. We’re going to be keeping an eye on Lucius’ career going forward and we think you should too.