Single Review: GG & White Gold T – “Chat About?”

GG & White Gold T

“Chat About?” is the ultra hype new single from exciting up and coming London rap duo GG & White Gold T.

A true testament to the drive and determination of these two artists who don’t let anything get in their way, “Chat About?” was originally recorded on a phone and emerged out of a throw away freestyle to become the head spinning track that it is today.

The pair go back to back with unrivalled energy on this cut. It’s refreshing to listen to a track where you can actually feel the hunger in the way that they’re spitting. GG & White Gold T are here to take over the game by hook or by crook, they’re charged up and don’t hold back.

“Chat About?” is a vibrant spotlight on the lyrical abilities of these two promising young artists, they both bring punchlines in bunches whilst flowing with complete freedom.

We wanted to portray the feeling of freedom, enjoyment and pride of England” explained GG. And you can 100% get that from this track – it’s all about freedom and enjoyment start to finish!

GG & White Gold T go too hard on “Chat About?”, they’re coming for the game no matter what – don’t sleep on them!